Relish The Puff Without Endangering Your Health

It is amazing to see people continue smoking cigarettes even though they are fully aware that it is harmful to their health. It is even more astonishing to note that a decent percentage of smokers have no idea about the dangers posed by cigarette smoke, which contains hundreds of chemical compounds harmful for their health. Quite a few such chemicals are carcinogenic in nature and can cause cancer in the throat and lungs. If this is not enough, smoking cigarettes inside a poorly ventilated room prohibit the smoke from dissipating from the room. The floating microscopic sized chemical compounds pose threats to nonsmokers in that room, endangering their health too.

Are you a cigarette addict?
Most smokers will reply in the positive if anyone asks them if they are addicted to cigarettes. These individuals do not realize that they enjoy smoking because of nicotine and tobacco flavor, which the cigarette fumes contain. Nicotine, by itself, is not so dangerous. This is where the advantages of the electronic cigarettes make their presence felt. They allow users to enjoy the flavor of tobacco and nicotine without posing any dangers to their health. Few individuals used to switch over to e-cigs in the past, as they did not have faith in that digital gadget. However, the scenario has changed a lot in the past couple of years with more and more smokers switching over from the traditional cigarettes to its digital counterpart.

What does vaping mean?
The popularity of e cigs has increased so much that people have coined a new word for it… vaping. It is easy to decipher the meaning of this term. The act of puffing on a traditional cigarette causes smoke to enter the mouth of the smoker. It is due to this that such acts are termed as smoking. Things are different in the case of electronic cigarettes whose fumes contain a mixture of nicotine, flavor, and water vapor. The term vaping has its origin in the word vapor. While many people puffing on electronic cigarettes still term it as smoking, vaping will replace this term as more and more people understand its meaning.

What you need to understand before purchasing e-cigs
If you plan to purchase electronic cigarettes for the first time, it is important for you to understand that cheap is not always the best. Most people, lured by enticing online ads posted on sites selling e-cigs at extremely cheap prices, purchase that product without knowing that it might pose a danger to their health. Websites selling such cheap digital cigarettes import their products from third world countries in which these devices are manufactured in ill equipped labs that do not have any quality control equipment. There are many reports on newspapers and videos on YouTube showing individuals with contorted facial features. This occurs when an e-cig blows up on the face of the user when he/ she is vaping it.

Other tips for beginners
Purchase a `use and throw’ electronic cigarette if you have never tried one before. These e-cigs provide approximately 250 vapes before its e-liquid runs out and the device stops functioning. This gives you an opportunity to try different makes of e-cigs before settling on one and purchasing a starter kit. Starter kits contain the device, several e-juice cartridges, a battery, and a charger. Most models are automatic and start functioning after you have inserted the battery inside it and start dragging. You should browse the site thoroughly as the cartridges come in various flavors and in different nicotine strengths.

Use coupons for getting awesome discounts
There is no doubt that V2 cigs deliver awesome flavor and nicotine taste. However, they are costlier than other brands of the same quality. However, you should not let this fact bother you since you can get massive vaping savings with the help of discount coupons. Direct Vapor is unarguably the leading coupon site. You can avail of discounts on your purchase, the value of which depends on the coupon you have chosen. Browse thoroughly and select a coupon that offers the best savings. Visit the site where the coupon is applicable, make your purchase, and enter the code in the space provided during checkout, and click on the `apply’ button. You will notice a decrease in the payable amount. Complete the payment process… you will receive the consignment in a few days.